"The best thing about Hot & Healthy is that all needs are catered for. If you want to build strength, stamina, tone, flexibility or just drop a few kilos. Karleeanne will develop a program for you. I’ve never had so much fun exercising."
Chris Terlich (January 2010)



"(I) Read your posts on Facebook and think its great.  You run a great business and by always changing it, adding new classes, staff etc... Keeps people motivated, that's how I feel anyway.  Thanks for your hard work, itreally keeps the clients keen and interested. It's changed me and I'm loving it, especially the new wardrobe."
Jess Carroll (September 2012)


“I have been going to gyms for 20 years but never have I had a more unique, fun training experience. Karleeanne tirelessly works to provide clients varied and tailored programs to keep us motivated, fit and get results. After having two children, I have probably never been fitter."

Nikki Stanes (January 2010)


“Since joining Hot & Healthy 16 months ago I have had great results both in weight loss and overall fitness.  Karleeanne’s expert knowledge and commitment combined with regular goal setting keeps me motivated."

Craig Bennett (January 2010)



“I can’t get past these two words… FUN + TORTURE"

Cathy Hunter (January 2010)


“Why would an old chook or anyone for that matter join a gym?  Perhaps it is the sense of achievement that comes with having completed a workout (albeit with much huffing and puffing and a bit of pain) to say the least is invigorating! Perhaps it’s the feeling of good about oneself and knowing gym can be for anyone and age or stage.  And why not just get fit on my own for example? Because like so many people I need to make a commitment and have the feedback and get the encouragement to honour my promise to myself to get fit and feel good about me."

Jenny Dawson (January 2010)

"I have attended Hot & Healthy since April 2009. It has been a most rewarding nine months. With a bit of effort I have lost 10 kg and are much fitter and healthier and really look forward to my sessions with Karleeanne. I have no hesitation in recommending Hot & Healthy to anyone."

John Sunderland (January 2010)